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Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa is the home of Mrs. and Mr. Mwangi.

Mount Kenya landscape Kenya has been naturally endowed with near perfect conditions for the growth of Arabica coffee. In the hearth of Kenya’s Central Highlands lies the Aberdare ranges and Mount Kenya where abundant water resources and good acidic soils, combined with sound agronomic practises, the best Kenya coffee is produced.

Kenya coffee is of the species Arabica, which is a high quality mild coffee, much favoured or blending the more common coffees from other origins. Of all cotemporary coffee origins. Kenya is doubtless the most universally admired.

The founders of Demac Trading company Ltd, a couple, Anne Mwangi and Charles Mwangi are coffee farmers from the highlands of mount Kenya region where the best coffee is grown. Most of the coffee grown is the traditional SL 28 washed Arabic, a variety that has made Kenya coffee famous amongst connoisseurs worldwide.

Demac Trading Company Ltd sells and markets a wide range of high quality Kenya Arabica green coffee beans in a competitive and convenient manner. Our marketing strategy is consistent with the Kenya coffee that is subtle and unique. It is the combination of naturally endowed resources and factors with quality agronomic management practises, and at he same time conserving the environment that makes coffee the best.

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