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Making coffee

    How to grow, harvest, treat and extract your own coffee tree

Patience, do you have patience? Because this is what you need if you want to grow your own coffee tree.
It will take 4 to 5 years before you can harvest your first beans from your very own coffee plant.
In the meantime, you can enjoy the dark shiny green leaves and fragrant white flowers of this very unique, ornamental plant.

Planting and treatment

Plant them in any good commercial, fast draining potting soil. The soil should be kept on the moist side, but never soggy. They do best in filtered sunlight, with night temperatures in the lower to mid 15°C and day temperatures of 20°C or higher. In 6-8 weeks the bean will appear above the surface at the top of a sleek shoot. Leaves will appear after about one month.

The seeds should be watered daily. Too much water or too little water will kill the seed. The soil should remain well drained, but moist at all times.

After the 6th pair of leaves has appeared, plant permanently in the shade of larger trees, to give shade and retain soil humidity.

The coffee takes 3 years to flower and 5 years before its first crop is ready to harvest.


It is possible to roast your own beans in the oven. This method will tend to smoke up the house a bit, and the smell of the burned off chaff will tend to linger in the house for quite some time. The amount and size of beans, as well as your altitude will make a difference in the roasting process, so this is a 'live and learn process.
The beans should be placed in some form of perforated container, such as a steel strainer or vegetable steamer. Place them in a pre-heated, 120°C. oven for about seven minutes. Then increase the oven temperature to 230°C. In about ten minutes the beans should begin to crackle. (This timing will depend on the temperature, heat capacity of the oven, and the beans; so keep an eye on them.) When the beans start crackling, mix them up, to promote an even roast. Check their color every two minutes until they have achieved a color slightly lighter than the end color which you desire. (As the beans cool, they will continue roasting).

When they have completely cooled, store them in an air tight container in the refrigerator...or grind em, brew em and drink it up!

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