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Maro Coffee Estate

The Maro Coffee Estate is located in one of the most exotic parts of Papua New Guinea, in the hearts of New Guinea; in the highlands, at an altitude of over 1500 metres above sea level in a region called the Waghi Valley. The Waghi valley is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world, the climate cool, virgin black volcanic soil with plenty rainfall, it's a perfect environment for Arabica coffee.

History and background

In 1985 the Maro coffee Estate was established. Over 200 hectares of fertile plains were converted into an Arabica Coffee plantation. In 1990 further expansion of plantations and development of Wet and Dry processing mills. In the Early 1990's Maro Coffee Limited traded as a certified coffee processor within Papua New Guinea. In 1998 the company was granted an export license by the Coffee Industry Corporation of Papua New Guinea because of its exceptional grading and quality control. Today Maro is one of Papua New Guinea's finest coffee producers, producing Clean Washed Arabica Coffee, which is equal to some of the best available in the world market today.

Coffee processing stages and Quality control

In the processing stages quality control is the most important aspect; in fact it's monitored with precise precision from the beginning to the end. It starts off in our plantations where the cherry coffee is hand picked and thoroughly checked for consistency; all picked cherries must be fully ripe. After that, follows another inspection carried out at the Wet processing mill, where only the select variety of ripe cherries is pulped within the same day. After 36 hours of fermentation the coffee bean are being thoroughly washed with clean water. Our coffee is only sun dried to enhance quality for a further seven to 14 days depending on the whether conditions. After this, the coffee is transferred to a dry mill where a process of conditioning, hulling, and grading is done, in addition another process that distinguishes our finer quality and consistency is a stage of manually hand sorting the beans before packing. All our grades are then continuously sample-roasted and liquored, by experts. This provides a final check on the quality of the green bean product.

Product Information

We offer Washed Arabica in the following grades:
- Maro Plantation AX
- Maro Plantation A
- Maro Plantation X

Our Coffee is sold in 60 kg bags of 300 bags per 20 ft Container or Bulk packed in 20 ft container depending on customer requirement The Maro estate has produced on average of 400 tonnes of green bean per year We exports to Major International Markets in:

  • United States of America
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • France
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • New Zealand

Maro Coffee Estate Ltd
P.O Box 319
Mount Hagen
Western Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea
Phone: +(675) 5451653
Fax: + (675) 5451254
Email: maxkum@online.net.pg and ctkalas@hotmail.com

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