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Coffee regions

There are four popular coffee regions in the world, below you will find a list with more information.

  • Arabia & Africa: These are some of the most distinct coffees you will ever taste. includes coffees from Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Grown at the perfect altitude in rich black soil and the almost foggy evenings with hot days produce a coffee of legendary stature.

  • The Americas: These coffees are grown on some of the most beautiful mountains ever witnessed. With virtually rainforest conditions these coffees are grown in an almost perfect atmosphere bearing the most aromatic and well balanced coffees of all time. Includes coffees from Colombia, Costa Rica And Guatemala. Coffees of the Americas represent what you will find in many of our blends.

  • The Pacific: Ready to go island hopping? Well that's what you will have to do to find all the great coffees grown in the pacific. Includes coffees from Sumatra, Java, New Guinea and Sulawesi. The almost magical climate with some of the best coffee growers in the world produces coffees that will embed themselves into your taste buds forever.

  • Exotics: Includes Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain and Certified Hawaiian Kona

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