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Volcanic ground of Costa Rica It all started with frequent trips back to our homeland in Costa Rica. For some reason, coffee in Costa Rica had tremendous flavor and aroma. When we returned back to the United States, we faced the usual tasteless and bitter cups of coffee. For some reason, the coffee in Costa Rica tasted so much better with an incredible flavor and aroma. Here was a developing country with the best coffee in the world yet the U. S., the wealthiest country, seemed satisfied with bland and lifeless coffees.

During a trip to Hawaii we were impressed with Kona Coffee then experienced the same with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. These coffees along with coffee from Costa Rica all had a similar and outstanding robust flavor. We then realized the common thread between these great coffees; they were all grown in rich volcanic mountain regions.

Volcanica Coffee is Fair Trade coffee It's no coincidence that the volcanic regions are also home to some of the greatest tropical rain forests of the world. Periodic volcanic eruptions bring lava and ash up from the earth's center. This lava and ash eventually becomes some of the world's most highly fertile and rich soil and produces the best coffee in the world.

We became determined to bring together great coffees from these rich volcanic regions around the world and offer them to you. But only the very best exotic volcanic coffees would make our grade. We discovered that the best varieties are found at coffee farms in volcanic mountain elevations above 3,000 feet where the cool climate and moisture from the clouds nourish the coffee plants. This became the reason for forming the Volcanica Coffee Company.

What is our Business
Volcanica Coffee is a specialty importer and retailer of exotic single origin gourmet coffee beans. The Company is committed to offering only the finest quality coffee from volcanic regions around the world that is wonderfully exotic and remarkable in taste.Volcanica Labels

Volcanica Gourmet Coffee Company products are fresh from the volcanic mountain to your door. Our coffee had to be fresh so we established relationships directly with coffee farmers and local cooperatives. We don't work with third party distributors. This way we can bring our Volcanica Coffee direct from the mountain farms and fresh to your door.

Mission Statement
Volcanica Products

Volcanica Coffee is determined to teach consumers that coffee is a drink to be enjoyed with its full richness and variety much like fine wines. Having been subjected just an average tasting drink; our mission is to teach consumers that 100% single origin coffees from volcanic regions is a remarkable beverage and a wonderfully exotic experience.

Volcanica Coffee Company
10918 NW 56,
Court Coral Springs,
FL 33076
Website: www.volcanicacoffee.com

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